Police Parade Killers Of Army General


The police in Lagos yesterday paraded two suspects arrested in connection with the death of a retired army officer, the late Brigadier-General Umaru Jubril Uwugbe.

Uwugbe was macheted to death on 29 September, 2011 in his house at Mowo Igborosun, Badagry, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

The police identified the two suspects as Samuel Sosu, 38 and Biodun Sosube, 27, both from the Republic of Benin.

The police alleged that the suspects on 29 September, 2011, at about 5.30 p.m. sneaked into the residence of the retired army general and attacked him and his wife. Police investigation revealed that the general was macheted to death while his wife was seriously wounded. She is receiving treatment at a hospital in Lagos.

The suspects escaped after killing the general.

Samuel Sosu was, however, arrested on 24 October at Kajola Village in Ogun State after an intensive manhunt by homicide detectives.

He led the police to the hideout of his accomplice, Biodun Sosube, where he was arrested.

In his confessional statement to the police, Abiodun Sosube, a.k.a. Dogo said: “I macheted him on the right side, while my brother macheted him on the left side. He fell down and we went inside and found only N12,000.”

In his own statement to the police, Samuel Sosu denied involvement in the killing of the army general. He said the deceased was like a father to him so he could not have been involved in his death.

“The person they killed was like a father to me because he granted me favour worth N500,000. I have a farm of over 25 hectares of land and the deceased gave me 14 hectares. So, how can I kill my benefactor?” Samuel asked.

He added that at a time he had problems with land speculators, it was the late general that helped him out.

Abiodun Sosube countered him, saying that it was Sosu who led him and the runaway suspect to the general’s house. “He was the one who led us to the general’s apartment to attack him. He said the general had a lot of foreign currencies in the house and that we should kill him,” he added.

— Ayodeji Dedeigbo