Project Fame: Roy Is Last Man Standing

•The contestants on probation

•The contestants on probation

The contestants on probation had a stiff competition show to escape elimination from the Project Fame Academy last week.

Ruth stole the show with her energetic and electrifying performance of Aretha Franklyn’s Respect after Ethel and Isaac sang Karyn White’s Super Woman and Bill Withers’ Just the two of us, respectively.

•The contestants on probation

Roy upped the game with Barry White’s My first, my last, my everything; Ese did Mary J. Blige’s version of Luther Vandross’ A thousand kisses, while Velma performed Abba’s I have a dream.

Ade Bantu, the international musician and producer was present as guest judge. After six powerful but terse performances, it was judgment time. Who will stay? Who will leave?

Pretty Ethel again won the hearts of viewers at home; judges saved Roy, faculty, after much deliberations, saved Ruth.

Ese, Velma and Isaac’s fate was now to be determined by the votes of the four contestants not on probation.

While Isaac got just a vote, the three other votes were in favour of Ese, leaving Velma and Isaac out.

The following day was dubbed Reggae Night and the remaining contestants had to sing their hearts out to escape probation. Some were not so lucky, though.

Gorgeous Ese started the evening beautifully with Bob Marley’s Who the cap fits and Kwame, one of the judges, dubbed it a flawless performance. Sassy Ruth got everyone yearning for more with her electrifying performance of Bob Marley’s Buffalo soldier. With a corresponding attitude, she wowed everyone.

Ghana’s Ethel also sang Different colours by Lucky Dube before soft spoken Rachael, who, with her high pitched tone, sang Gregory Isaac’s Number One. Roy, who is the last man standing, did a good rendition of Black Uhuru’s Guess who’s coming to dinner and the judges were not so pleased with this performance. They expected so much from him that they felt his performance was way below standard, but everyone still encouraged him to slow down and be the magnetic Roy that started the competition.  The judges felt Princess’ choice of song wasn’t so good but they still applauded her courage with the smooth delivery of Youth of the day by Musical Youth. Pretty Yvonne got into trouble with the judges when she performed Estelle’s Bring it on. The judges did not spare her at all and was sternly advised to be more professional next time.

Finally for the evening, Monica, in her usual attitude, wowed everyone with Patra’s Workerman. Both the judges and faculty felt really proud of her having re-written the lyrics of the song, she made it her own and did justice to this not-so-easy-to perform song. After all said and done, Ruth and Monica were the only contestants who raised the bar with their performances while the other six contestants have been placed on probation. Two of them will be evicted this weekend.

—Bayo Adetu