Mercy Johnson’s ‘Blind’ Picture Stirs Controversy

The controversial picture

•The controversial picture

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has once again stirred controversy. A picture of the actress, blind in one eye, published in a soft-sell magazine has sparked controversy and mixed feelings among her fans.

•The controversial picture

While some unsuspecting fans have been deceived into believing that the actress is actually blind in one eye, others described the development as a cheap publicity stunt, capable of ruining the integrity of the actress and the soft-sell magazine in question.

Though the actress, through her publicist has denied the report, some of her fans are not convinced as the controversy generated by the publication lingers. Rhemyjuz Elias, the President of Christian Actors Guild of Nigeria (CAGON) described the report as an unfortunate one.

According to him: “When I heard the news, I felt really concerned for her (Mercy) considering the controversy that surrounded her recent marriage and all that. But my heart bled when I realised that it was just a publicity stunt. Such things should not be taken lightly because it is capable of putting her ardent fans under emotional trauma, just the way it did to me. One of the consequences of this is that people may not believe any news about her again.”

A release made by the publicist of Mercy stated that, “the rumour has no semblance or iota of truth. Mercy is on a movie location in Lagos and getting set for her trip to Australia in a matter of days. After diligent investigation, we discovered that the rumour started as a result of a publicity stunt initiated by the producer of the movie where Mercy’s character in the flick lost an eye. Another part of the rumour was started by detractors whose only goal is to pull Mercy Johnson down by all means.

“It is despicable to note that these rumours were strengthened by writers who did not cross-check before posting on their blogs, platforms or newspapers. We decry this act of insensitivity and irresponsibility especially as it affects family, friends and fans.”