Nigerian Coaches Still Need More Education


Babatunde Oladehinde was one of the guest lecturers at the just concluded coaching seminar/ workshop organised by the Lagos chapter of Nigerian Football Coaches Association. Oladehinde, a lecturer at the Nigerian Institute for Sports, NIS and Chief Coach of Ebiede Football Club, spoke with SUNDAY AKINTOYE on why Nigerian coaches need more education .

You are one of the guest speakers who spoke on The Training Unit\ Ball during the seminar organised by the coaches’ association, what informed your choice of this topic?
I observed that most of our coaches lack the basic rudiments of the game. A coach, who wants to excel in his profession, must know the basic rules of the game. I think this topic is very important for our coaches at this moment and I am happy that the coaches that attended the seminar responded well

Nigerians don’t respect our local coaches anymore, what is the reason for this development?
There is nothing wrong with our local coaches as far as I am concerned. Nigerians don’t appreciate what they have until when they lose it. Nigerian coaches can compete with their counterparts across the world provided there is an enabling environment for them to work and excel.

It seems that most of our local coaches don’t have confidence especially when their teams are playing against tougher teams, what is your take on this?
You are correct to an extent because some of our coaches don’t know how to read a match. This seminar helped the upcoming coaches and certified ones to brace up for the future challenges.

Are you impressed with the number of coaches that attended the workshop?
I am impressed with the turnout. It showed that there are many coaches who want to upgrade their knowledge about the work they are doing. Not all the coaches can afford to go to the National Institute For Sport for a coaching course.

Nigerian football is currently at its lowest ebb, all the national teams have crashed out in their respective qualifying tournaments that will see Nigeria playing in international tourneys next year, what is the way forward?
It is sad that we will not be part of next year’s Africa Cup of Nations and the football events of the Olympic Games in London. This is the time we need to focus on our local league and develop other sports so that more talents will be discovered for future international competitions.

You are currently the Chief Coach of Ebiede Football Club, how are you coping as a lecturer and coach?
It is not easy but I thank God that a lot of coaches I have taught in the NIS are still doing well today. I programme myself in a way that both jobs don’t clash.

Any advice for the local coaches?
My advice for them is to go back to school and learn more about the rudiments of the game. Our coaches need to update their knowledge if they want to excel in their career. Most of our local coaches lack basic education and I urge them to go back to school to learn more about the game.