Sola Sobowale Returns In 'Family On Fire'


Popular actress, Sola Sobowale, is staging a big comeback to the movie industry in a block-buster flick entitled Family On Fire.

The flick, which is coming from the stable of Tade Ogidan, parades other thespians like Sola Fosudo, Segun Arinze, Lanre Hassan, Eniola Olaniyan, Kenny Saint Brown and a couple of other foreign actors.

The multi-million naira flick, which was shot in Lagos and the United Kingdom, is currently being premiered around the world, and according to Ogidan, who has produced other block-buster films like Owo Blow, Madam Dearest, Diamond Ring and Dangerous Twins among others, Family On Fire is expected to raise the bar.

In Family On Fire, young garrulous Kunle and his two elder brothers are Nigerian migrants who live in the UK. While both his elder brothers are married with children and live responsibly in that society, he is single, lives recklessly and wants quick money to live big.

He perfects a plan to use their widowed illiterate aged mother to smuggle drugs into the UK. Being the last child, he is his mother’s favourite son. Mama is quite excited at her son’s invitation to come spend time with their families in London. Kunle flies to Nigeria to coordinate his ignoble act. Through a lot of hair-raising suspense (that only the audience is exposed to), Mama’s luggage all arrive into safety in London.

Due to the harsh winter, heavy snowfall, everywhere in the northern hemisphere, disrupts flights all over the world, so Kunle is stranded in Nigeria for some days. His original plan was to board the very next flight after his mother’s flight to London. That way, he would quickly remove his illegal merchandise from the luggage of foods before his brothers’ wives start to share the native foods Mama brought in from Nigeria.

Kunle is stranded in Nigeria, and the wife of the eldest brother starts to share the goodies brought for them by Mama. She finds the cocaine. She is shocked and calls her husband. The family is in shock. Mama cannot understand their being upset, as there is no word for cocaine in Yoruba, being the only language she understands.

They try to make her understand how close to jail Kunle’s action has brought her. She really can’t understand the magnitude of the problem. She counsels her elder sons to draw their “little brother” closer and counsel him, to enable him understand the dangers of his action. She advises them that would be a better approach, rather than draw themselves into the stupor of anger over the “young man’s act of immaturity”.

The two elder brothers and their wives are even angrier at Mama’s inability to comprehend the gravity of the situation. Even more upsetting is her undue protection of Kunle, considering the magnitude of the problem at hand.

Their lawyer friend counsels that they hand the drugs to Kunle as soon as he arrives, as he suspects that the project must have been funded by drug barons, who may overact if there is any delay in the delivery of their illicit merchandise.

On the other hand, it could also become a complex case if they report the matter to the police: the fact remains that it is their mother that imported the cocaine into the UK. Kunle could easily deny knowledge of the existence of the drugs. He reasons that Mama may even be willing to take the fall rather than expose her son to a jail term. He explains the complexity of the situation to the two very upset, but concerned brothers.

On his arrival back to London, Kunle visits his mum and brothers. His very upset brothers confront him with his mad act of turning their mum into a courier of hard drugs. Kunle makes light of the situation. Tension gets high and he is thrown out of the house. He threatens war if they don’t hand his cocaine back to him. Mama is upset that the brothers and their wives were unduly hard on Kunle. She demands that the older sons return her to Nigeria, as she can’t bear to see her children at war.

Then, the unimaginable happens. The drugs have been stolen from where they were kept in the eldest brother’s house. The London mafia sponsored and coordinated this mission in the first place. They are deadly, and will not be swindled out of their investment. From this point on, the situation gets out of hand. Who removed the drugs from where it was kept? The entire family is in danger. Kunle is in trouble with the mafia, if the drugs are not found and delivered.

Kunle’s thoughtless act of smuggling hard drugs using his mother, threatens to destroy a once peaceful happy family.