‘Karate Not A Dangerous Sport’


A Nigerian karateka, Joseph Omu, has debunked the claim that karate is a dangerous sport that should not be encouraged among the youth.

Omu, a gold medalist at the 17th National Sports Festival in Port Harcourt, Rivers State explained that karate is a controlled sport and not dangerous as many Nigerians believe.

“The problem with many Nigerians is that they think karate is dangerous because it is a combat sport. What they do not know is that it is a controlled sport and the athletes are allowed to use protective guards during fights,” said Omu.

The national champion, therefore, advised parents whose children have inclination for the sport to encourage them to use their talents.

“Parents should allow their children who have interest in the sport to use their talents.

“They don’t need to entertain any fear because the sport allows people to use protective guards during bouts,” said Omu. The 18-year-old said he plans to attend many tourneys in the coming year in order to garner enough experience in the sport.

“My plan is to attend the World Karate Championship next year. The president of the Kickboxing Federation of Nigeria saw me in Abuja and promised to sponsor me  to the championship. I would like to attend international tourneys in order to have the necessary exposure,” said Omu.

— Bimbo Ajayi