...His Works Are Evergreen


Ademola Joshua Abegunde, proprietor of Ademola Records one of marketers of Barrister’s works, has said that the deceased’s works are evergreen. Hear him:


As one of Barrister’s marketers, how long did you work together?
We were together for eight years and he was a very nice person.

Has Barrister’s death created any vacuum in the fuji music circle?
Fuji is still on but his death has created a big vacuum because among those singing fuji, Barrister is like a prophet, he was God sent, you will discovered that all his albums have meaning.

Did you, as a marketer, miss him?
Yes, because each time he released an album, we always smiled to the bank. Some of the albums I released are Questionaire and Reality and Thank you, Tinubu, among other oldies.

So his death will leave a big vacuum in the fuji music circle?
There will be a vacuum but thanks to other fuji musicians like Kollington Ayinla, Wasiu Ayinde, Pasuma and others, who are also frontliners in the fuji circle.