...It Was Like Yesterday




One year after Barrister’s death, how re you taking it?
It is sad that we miss him but in my quiet I still pray for Barrister because he created fuji music.

Are you surprised that it is one year since he died?
Yes, it is like a surprise because one has to face the reality that Alhaji Agba is no more, but we take the solace in a life well spent and I released an album in his memory entitled Influential. I will continue to remember him.

Will his death create a vacuum in fuji music?
Well, Alhaji Agba contributed his own quota and he is gone and people like us are still keeping the flag flying. When Fela died. people thought Afrobeat will die, but look at what Femi, Seun and others are doing, you will marvel, so fuji music cannot die, we will keep the flag flying so that he will be happy in his grave.

What is your December tonic for your fans?
I am working in the studio and by 25 December, it will be ready and the title is Purity.

What about your house, the one you are currently erecting?
It is almost ready and I hope to move there soon, maybe on my birthday.

With a wife as promised?
By God’s grace.