Fuel Subsidy Removal Is Fraud —Engineer


As organised labour prepares to meet President Goodluck Jonathan tomorrow on the vexed issue of subsidy removal, a Nigerian engineer based in Dallas, Texas, United States, Izielen Agbon Izielen, has declared that there is no petroleum subsidy whatsoever.

Izielen, former Head of Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Ibadan, called on Nigerian workers, students, market women and farmers to prepare for a long season of protracted struggle against the government.

The former ASUU chairman argued that the true price of imported petrol per litre is N34 but government sells for N65 a litre.

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“There is therefore no petrol subsidy, rather there is high sales tax of 91.2 percent at current price of N65 per litre.

The petroleum engineer asked the government to explain at what price it was selling swapped crude oil and where the money accruing from these sales were being kept.

Izielen described the debate on petroleum subsidy as an attempt by the government to transfer wealth from the Nigerian masses to a petrol cabal and called on the people to resist it.