Handball: Dauda Makes Case For Other Sports


President of Handball Federation of Nigeria, HFN, Yusuf Dauda, has appealed to the Federal Government not to concentrate only on football but pay more attention to other sports.

The HFN topshot said that the country has abundant talents in other sports that can make the country proud in international competitions if the government can concentrate on them.

Dauda added that athletes in other sports can win laurels for the country if the Federal Government support their respective federations with a small percentage from what it allocates to football.

“Our major problem is that we always like to beat about the bush. Nigerian sports will change for the better if the Federal Government can allocate only ten per cent of what it gives football alone,” said Dauda.

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Dauda explained that the country has enough resources to support other sports.

“We have enough money in this coutry to support other sports. What we fail to realise is that football is part of our problem in this country. Athletes in other sports will surely do the country proud if the government can pay more attention to them,” added Dauda.

—Bimbo Ajayi