Industrialist Proffers Solution To Nigeria's Woes


Industrialist and chairman of Suru Group Nig. Ltd, Mr. Edward Akinlade, has only a positive attitude can move the nation forward.

On the issue of the impending removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government, the business mogul said it will be unfair to the masses in these trying times when the economic meltdown is still biting hard on people.

He advocated that the first reasonable thing to do is to reinvigorate and resuscitate all existing refineries, and if possible build new ones before ever thinking of removing the subsidy.

The Suru Group boss, spoke vehemently against the voting of several billions of naira on security as if the country is fighting a war. He advised the Federal Government to employ the use of dialogue and interaction with any group perceived to be threatening the security or territorial integrity of the nation.

He cited the Boko Haram example as against that of the militants of Niger Delta Group where dialogue was employed and peace is now in the entire Niger Delta region.

He called on President Jonathan to identify the arrow heads of the Boko Haram group and call them to a round-table with a view to finding a lasting solution to the disturbing trend of bombings, explosions and attacks on innocent people, churches, organization and government parastatals and agencies.