Drivers Capitalise On Xmas To Increase Transport Fares



Drivers in Benin have capitalised on the festive season to increase transport fares within and outside the city.

A News Agency of Nigeria correspondent, who visited several motor-parks on Friday in Benin, reports that the fare to Enugu and Owerri, which was N1,500 before has increased to N2,000.

The transport fare to Calabar has also increased from N2,000 to N2,700, while the fare to Uyo went up from N1,650 to N2,700.

The transport fare to Onitsha, which was formerly N620, increased to N1,000, while the fare to Abuja went up to N1,850 from N1,650

Mr. David Eze, a driver in one of the motor parks, told NAN that the current increase in fares started since last week, adding that the increase was not a strange thing to passengers.

“The passengers are used to paying more money different from the normal fare during festivities and it is not negotiable,” Eze said.

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One of the passengers travelling to Onitsha, Mrs. Elizabeth Oliseh, who frowned at the increase said that she paid N620 on Monday, adding that transport owners were exploiting passengers to enrich their pocket.

“There is no increase in the cost of fuel, transporters have capitalised on Christmas season to increase transport fares,” Oliseh said.

Another passenger, Pedro Efe, said that he was used to the increase in transport fares during festive periods, adding that by Saturday, the fare might double.

Meanwhile, transport fare to Lagos in some motor parks has reduce from N1,620 last week to N1,520

Mr. Victor Otabor, a driver on the Lagos route, said that the rush to Lagos had reduced when compared to last week.

He said that as at noon last week there were no vehicles on ground going to Lagos at Iyaro motor parks.