House Adopts Law Reform Commission Report


In a bid to improve the judicial system of Lagos State, the state House of Assembly has adopted the Law Reform Commission (Amendment).

The amendments were necessary in order to remove certain provisions and phrases that may be clothed with ambiguity and also to make the Lagos State Law Reform Commission Law 2007 more specific, exact, efficient and effective, according to the House.

The House committed this law to the Committee on Judiciary on Wednesday 28 December, 2012 after which a stakeholder’s forum was held.

The Chairman of the Committee, Sanai Agunbiade, read the report on the floor and some recommendations were made.

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These recommendations for the appointment of a “chairman who is a legal practitioner of not less than 10 years experience, who in the opinion of the governor is suitable for appointment.”

The amendment made provision for the involvement of external consultants to assist the commission where necessary and that the secretary shall keep proper account in respect of each year from 1 January to 31 December and shall cause the account to be audited by an auditor appointed from the list of auditors provided by the auditor-general of the state.

The years of experience of the chairman was formerly 15 years but was amended on the floor of the House to 10 years.

Agunbiade, explained that the amendment was necessitated by the need for the commission to move up with the time and accommodate more changes that can stand the test of time.

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