N65 Price Non-Negotiable — NLC


The Deputy National President of the Nigeria Labour Congreses, NLC, Comrade Joe Ajaero said this morning that the demand for fuel price reversal to N65 per litre is non-negotiable.


He said the NLC, the Trade Union Congress, TUC, and other civil society groups will protest until the government reverses petrol price from N141 to N65 per litre.


Ajaero said this while addressing a press conference at the Yaba, Lagos Secretariat of the NLC.


He said: “All we are saying is that the wishes of Nigerian people is that the Federal Government should reverse the hike in petroleum and this is non-negotiable.


“The NLC, TUC, JAF and other civil society groups have maintained their position, they have not changed.”

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Ajaero said the nationwide strike will continue on Monday except the government accedes to Nigerian people’s wishes.


JAF Chairman, Dr. Dipo Fashina said the people’s demand is that the government should revert to N65 whether it is convenient for them or not.


Ajaero and Fashina advised Nigerians to stockpile foods during the weekend as next week’s strike action could be more biting.


— Paul Sanusi

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