Subsidy Protest: EFCC site hacked with False arrests of oil moguls


Hackers at work

Nigerian hackers have tampered with the website of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC,, posting on the site the false ‘arrests’of prominent Nigerian players in the oil sector.
The hackers claimed the chairman of Conoil, Mike Adenuga, the Chairman of African Petroleum, Femi Otedola and managing director of MRS, Sayyu Dantata have been arrested, along with 21 executive directors. Five photographs of the major oil players, including Oando boss, Wale Tinubu and chairman of Obat Petroleum, Chief Obateru Akinruntan, were splashed on the web page.
The arrest information was credited to Femi Babafemi who quit the agency two weeks ago.
But the EFCC has not made any such arrests. By 11.04 a.m the site was no longer accessible.
Technology Times online reported earlier today that the hackers had given the EFCC up till 10. a.m to break its silence in prosecuting, those they called “the perpetrators of large-scale fuel subsidy scams” in Nigeria.
As Technology Times said the hackers action brings a new twist to the nationwide protests over fuel subsidy removal by President Goodluck Jonathan.
It said the hacking group says it has contacted the agency’s boss, Ibrahim Larmode, to make a pronouncement on the matter latest by 10.00am Nigerian time today or the EFCC will come under attacks to be launched on its websites and technology infrastructure.
NaijaCyberHactivists said today that it is also launching series of attacks against the cyber infrastructure of the Jonathan administration and hopes to begin with EFCC amid real-life public protests spreading across the nation enters its fifth day today.
“Our Cyber Assault against EFCC begins today at exactly 10am if nothing is said about prosecuting the cabals/PPPRA/NNPC officials involved!”, the group announced on Twitter, one of the social media platforms that has become a major channel for fuelling the co-ordinated information distribution for the fuel subsidy protests

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