Tax Remittance: Lagos, Ogun Cease Fire


The Lagos and Ogun State governments have begun to dialogue on how to reach an agreement in the area of collection of taxes from residents of Ogun State who are working in Lagos State.

Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State had said that people living in the state but work in Lagos must pay their taxes to the Ogun State Government in line with the Constitution.

Thousands of Lagos government workers and many others live in Ogun State and work in Lagos, but remit their taxes to the Lagos State Government.

A meeting was held at the Lagos Government Secretariat, Ikeja, Lagos, southwest Nigeria by representatives of both governments in a bid to resolve the issue of tax remittance and boundary demarcation to foster harmony between the two states.

The two governments pledged to work together and resolve amicably all matters relating to boundary demarcations and tax remittance of the residents living around the border areas of the two states.

Deputy Governor of Lagos, Mrs. Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, said the meeting became necessary to enable the two states articulate a common policy that would be acceptable and beneficial to them on the issues of boundary demarcations and remittance of taxes by the residents of the two states living around border areas for the purpose of fostering peace and harmony between the two states.

Adefulire explained that a committee was inaugurated by the two governments to resolve all issues relating to boundary demarcations and jointly work out the modality for the remittance of taxes paid by residents living in one state but working in the territory of another state and vice versa.

She stressed the need for peaceful co-existence between the two states, saying that the Lagos State government would abide by the laws and ensure that the issues on taxation and boundary adjustment are resolved amicably.

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“Lagos State is ready to respect the law and we will ensure there is harmony and peace between the two states. We will ensure that what belong to Ogun State is given to them and we will expect them to do same to Lagos State , through which we will improve the existing relationship between us,” she noted.

Ogun State Deputy Governor, Prince Segun Adesegun, in his remarks explained that the governors of the two states met not long ago and inaugurated the joint committee to look into areas of contention along the borders of the two states and appropriately recommend to the two state governments on what to do to enhance peaceful and mutual co-existence between the two states.

Adesegun noted that there is an urgent need by the Surveyor General of the Federation and that of the two states to work on the reinstallation of the missing pillars in the border areas so as to show properly demarcated boundaries of the two states.

“All the beacons should be properly lined, while the missing pillars should be installed by the Surveyor Generals so as to properly demarcate boundaries especially in some disputed areas,” he stated.

He said that there is a need for the two states to form a joint task force of the Surveyor Generals, revenue collectors and local governments along the borders which would help and guide residents of the different border areas to know where they belonged and guide them on where to pay their taxes to avoid double taxations.

Adesegun added that a joint standing committee on border resolutions to address any conflict that might arise in the future on border matters should also be put in place.

According to him, findings by the two committees have shown that there is a need to educate residents as to which state they belonged to and consequently where to remit their taxes.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga

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