No Fund To Prepare For London Olympics –AFN


Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN, has said that scarcity of funds has prevented it from executing various programmes lined up to prepare Nigerian athletes for the 2012 Olympics.

Speaking to P.M. Sports in Abuja, Solomon Ogba, President of the AFN said that the federation is finding it very difficult to prepare the athletes for the world championship due to lack of funds.

“It is sad that with six months to the Olympic, the AFN has not received any money from any quarter both from the government and corporate firms for the preparation of Nigerian athletes. We will be glad if funds can be released now. We also want to call on corporate organisations to assist us financially,” Ogba said.

“We have athletes who can get to medal zones or possibly win medals in the Olympics if they get good preparation. The problem we are having now would have been averted if Nigeria has a long term plan- like four years- ahead of the Olympics. There should be a certain amount of budget for the Games every year.

“No provision was made in the 2011 budget for the 2012 Olympics. This supposed not to be done. That is the biggest challenge we are facing now. The AFN is waiting for the approval of the fund for the 2012 Olympics, which we submitted since last year. The money we are looking for still remain N315 million. It has not changed,” he said.

—Francis Achi/Abuja 

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