Boko Haram keeps Xtian Worshippers at Home



Churches in Kano , northwest Nigeria today witnessed a very low turn out of worshippers, as many people chose to stay at home, in apparent fear of possible attacks by the Boko Haram sect.

One of the worshippers at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic church, Rose Iroabuchi said that though, she was in Church, “I am still very much afraid because these people are very dangerous and could do anything at anytime.

“If you take a deep thought of all that has been happening this time, you will agree with me that there is serious cause for concern. As you can see, many people have traveled and many decided to avoid coming to church. The parishioners are apprehensive and the church is empty.”

There was heavy security presence in major churches within the Kano city today.

Car-owners were also advised to Park hundreds of metres away from the Church premises, so were movements of people being strictly monitored.

P.M.NEWS also reports that commercial transporters plying the southern road continue to enjoy increasing patronage as non-natives in the city of Kano are still moving out.

Most families are leaving with their loads are packing them in Lorries, while boarding luxuries buses.

Economic activities in the commercial city dwindle continuously, coupled with the refusal of Banks to commence operation since penultimate Friday’s coordinated attacks on the ancient city, as they gave insecurity as reason.

P.M.NEWS also observed that Police and Traffic Wardens have literally abandoned the roundabouts where hitherto they stay to control traffic, while the Hisbah Guards and Almajaria have taken over the traffic job.