Why Tee A Shut Down Lounge


The need for expansion of its operations has compelled ace comedian, Tunde Adewale, popularly known as Tee A, to shut down his Ikeja, Lagos, hangout, Tyme Out Lounge.

According to the comedian, there are other positives to moving the bar from its original space. He said the business is bigger, the vision is even much bigger, hence the expansion.

“We need to move to a bigger property. But we would still be in the same vicinity. The business will wear a new face with possible additions including an events hall,” Tee A assured.

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Tyme Out Lounge, located in the premises of Ivory Health Club, Ikeja, is a non-smoking bar and restaurant. Since 2010, it has been the hangout of men and women from the music, banking and oil industry.

Tee A, a catering enthusiast, has built a chain of businesses along the line. He is the founder-CEO of First Class Entertainment, the Executive Producer of TymeoutWith Tee A and host of the Live ‘N Naked series.

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