Dog Sellers Raise Prices To Stay Afloat


With the rising transport costs following the increase in the price of petrol, dog breeders and sellers in Jos and environs in Plateau have increased their prices to stay afloat.

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), who visited some of the dog markets in the city, found that the prices of live dogs and the meat, a delicacy in Plateau, have gone up considerably.

Mr. James Riga, who rears and sells dogs, told NAN that the hike in cost of transportation and the costs of feeds had left dealers with “no other choice”.

He said that a puppy of Alsatian breed, which sold for N15,000, is now sold for between N20, 000 and N25,000, while that of Caucasian dog was sold for N60,000 instead of N40,000.

The Rott breed is now N80,000, as against the old price of N60,000 while a Bwabull puppy now sells for N150,000 as against N120,000.

The situation was the same for Bullmastiff and Neapolitan puppies with one selling for N180,000, instead of the N120,000 it cost in December last year.

“The suppliers of the adult dogs and the puppies have increased their prices and have told us it is because of the higher cost of transport.

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“Some of the suppliers bring the dogs from the South-East, South-South and North-East. So, we are forced to increase our own prices if we are to remain in business,” Riga explained.

In places, where dog meat delicacy is sold, NAN found that the prices of portions of dog meat, especially the roasted types had remained relatively stable, though the quantity had reduced drastically.

Madam Esther Nimram, who sells dog pepper soup at Hwolshe, told NAN that she had reduced the number of pieces in the usual plate of N150.

“It used to be seven pieces per plate of N150, but I now serve five pieces,” she said.

Nimram said that the sellers were thinking of increasing the prices, but have been careful not to do so in one fell swoop so as not to scare away the customers.

The situation was, however, different at Bukuru Dog Markets where dog ‘suya’ seller is sold.

A stick of the commodity, which formerly went for N100, was found to have gone up to N150.

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