Stella Set For Gospel Album, Hits U.S. Live


Samba Queen, Stella Monye is set to release a gospel album titled Confession.

Her Excellency, as the Samba Queen is also called, is currently putting finishing touches to the album which will feature the bubble master, Adewale Ayuba, in a unity track.

Monye, who will be travelling to the United States of America soon, has promised to remix the full album during her sojourn in the US.

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Speaking with P.M.Entertainment on why she is releasing the gospel album, Monye said: “Let me confess that I have just heeded the call because God called me to do a song for Him. I was procrastinating until I fell under anointing recently and I had an encounter with Him and the result of the encounter is the album, Confession.’’

Monye said her trip to the US is just for one month and it is basically a private visit “but I will use the opportunity to mix the gospel song and promote my clothing line, Samba Wears.”

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