Okotie Reaffirms Faith In Nigeria


Reverend Chris Okotie of the Househood Of God Church, Oregun, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, has reaffirmed his faith in Nigeria, adding that the country will not be balkanized by religious fanatics.

Okotie made this assertion while delivering a speech titled,’’I Believe’’ during the jubilee anniversary celebrations of his church.

’’I believe Nigeria will not be balkanized by the forces of religious fanaticism; we are stronger than that. We will not be polarised by the forces of political retrogression nor fragmented by the forces of economic disequilibrium. We are stronger than nepotism, tribalism, religiousity, ethnic bigotry and xenophobia. Our faith is stronger than our doubt and transcend mundane and geo-political frontiers.

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“Our national anthem resonates in every patriotic heart, above the discordant mantra of disunity. We are a people bound by culture, unbreakable ties of consaguinity, by brotherhood of blood and salt and the invisible dream of a great future. Nigeria is not a product of epicurianism or stoicism but the intelligent design of the great God and emperor of heaven,’’ he said.

He added that God’s grace will be sufficient for Nigeria and his magnanimity will provide the impetus for a national solidarity.

—Jamiu Yisa

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