Adopt-A-Talent Sports Programme: Elias Dreams To Surpass Bolt’s Record


The ambition of every young athlete is to become world star someday.

Folabi Elias, one of the athletes discovered in the Adopt-A-Talent Sport Programme says his target is to represent Nigeria in IAAF championships.

The 15-year old quartermiller told P.M. Sports that he is ready to give his best in the programme and vowed to equal the record of Jamaican star and Olympic champion, Usain Bolt, in the future

“Becoming a world star will be a dream come true for me.When I joined the Adopt-A-Talent Sports Programme two year ago, I set a target for myself and the target is to equal or possibly beat Usain Bolt’s Olympic record,” he said.

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On his experience in the Adopt-A-Talent Sports Programme, Elias said the project has brought the best out of him, adding that there is future for him in athletic.

He commended all the athletic coaches for what they are doing to mould the future of their wards in the programme.

“I cannot forget my coaches who worked on my fitness and encourage the spirit of “I can do it” in me. When the second phase of the programme starts, I know that I will prove myself,” he said.

—Sunday Akintoye

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