Woman Gives Birth To Quads 17 Years After Marriage


A woman who gave birth to quadruplets after 17 years of marriage has advised couples in need not to lose hope, but strive to seek medical help.

Mrs. Victoria Olayiwola, who resides at Abule-Egba with her husband, gave birth to three girls and a boy at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) on February 9.

The babies who were born through Caesarean section, weighed between 1.75kg and 2.2kg

Forty-two year-old Victoria told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Monday that people should not keep their pains to themselves but reach out for medical assistance.

She said that reaching out had paid off for her family, adding that with trust in God and patience, hope would always be kept alive.

“Words cannot describe how I feel right now and I am very thankful to God for my bundles of joy,” she said.

The mother told NAN that she was extremely joyful at the delivery of her babies who were all healthy and felt very strong, hale and hearty.

She said that she was not under pressure from her in-laws during the waiting period.

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Victoria encouraged parents who were expecting multiple births to have faith in Nigerian medical doctors rather than go abroad as there are good hands in the country.

Her husband, Olusegun, a pastor, said that seeking constant medical consultation coupled with faith in God and lack of pressure from family members rekindled their hope.

The 48-year-old husband told NAN that even before his wife conceived, he had told everyone who cared to listen that he would not give birth to less than three babies at God’s given time.

“Therefore, when after the first scan, we were told we would have triplets and about three weeks later we were told we were now going to have quadruplets, I was not surprised”, he said.

Olusegun said that they did not consider adoption an option as they had been certified okay by medical experts and they knew that God’s time is the best.

“We never considered adoption as we knew that when God decided that it was time to give us kids, he would.

“We were also lucky not to have been pressured by our family members as happens in most cases where the woman is mostly blamed.

“We are thankful and we are telling others that the fact that one is late to have something does not mean that one will not have it eventually,” he said.

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