In Defence Of Valentine


This is to the sceptics! Those who challenge us for celebrating valentine! Those who ask, “if love is everyday, why make it seasonal? If you celebrate on 14 February, what happens the day after?”

Those who ask us to scrap that day! Those who think they know but are in unstable relationships! Here is our answer to you dear sceptic! Ideally, love should be celebrated everyday. In reality, it is not! Ideally, men should buy flowers for their wives or girlfriends on their way from work, campuses or any other place, the way they did when their flame was still fresh and burning! In reality, it rarely happens that way!

Ideally, women, once beautiful, attractive and seductive, once kind, humble, fresh and inspiring, should keep that flame burning! In reality, it doesn’t happen that way most of the time! Ideally, couples should remain honest, passionate, inspiring, loving and happy! In reality, it rarely happens that way! What happens is that the children come. The money diminishes. Challenges rise. Men get sacked from work. Women get hurt. Honesty vanishes. Passion gives way. Infidelity sets in. The woman gets fat. The man gets hooked up to the secretary. Dreams tumble. Words become meaningless. The love, once, hot, lovely and passionate, becomes cold, ordinary and boring.

Couples that used to go for a walk, a movie, a trip, a dinner at a nice restaurant in town, an outing, get lost on the couch watching TV! And sometimes, as challenges and problems invade the home, men and women forget how to love again! Most times, it leads to breakups or divorces! And those who are still married only live together, but not as a couple anymore, as intimacy vanishes! That’s the reality!

This is how 90 percent of couples fall from grace to grass, from the sweet wedding night to bitter years after! This is true whether here in Ketu where I am typing this without electricity or in the White House where President Obama and Michelle will have their love time today at room number 3!

So why valentine? It’s a day to revive that passion! To revive that love, that flame! It’s a day to remind those who have forgotten how to love that they can start all over again! Those who don’t buy flowers anymore that they can buy them again! Women who no longer wear nice sexy clothes, who no longer look beautiful and sexy for their men, that they can stop cooking for sometime, look nice and go out with their love and maybe revive the love again! That’s just one side of valentine! The other side is also there!

There are millions of other people looking for love! Searching hard to feel loved and love someone! Trying to find the compatible partner! Some have been waiting for so long that they have almost given up, that they now say Jesus is their only husband! To them, love doesn’t exist! Love is a myth from harlequin!

So why Valentine? Valentine is a day to tell them it’s possible! True love does still exist! And it will happen to them one day, like today! Then there is Agape love! Love to others. To the human race. To the less privileged. To those who were not as gifted or as fortunate as you were. It’s a day to show kindness. To show love and care. This is our answer to you, the sceptics! Those who lecture us but are in broken relationships! Happy Valentine to all!

•Simon Ateba is a senior correspondent for P.M.NEWS.

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