Masturbation Not A Sin —Oyakhilome


A shocking revelation by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World, a.k.a. Christ Embassy, that masturbation is not a sin but a habit has reverberated on the internet including Youtube, with many people believing that the statement would draw different reactions from men of God in the coming days.

The video shows Pastor Chris and another Pastor of his church, Kwaku from Ghana,who asked Oyakhilome while he was preaching thus: “Pastor, how does one overcome masturbation?”

In response to his question, the clergyman, in the video believed to have been uploaded in 2011 but which has begun to spread like wildfire, said masturbation is a habit just like any other habit and that it is often misconstrued as a sin.

“The reason you are thinking of stopping it is because you think it has become a habit for you…masturbation is not more than a habit than any other habit.

“So once you make up your mind that you want to break a particular habit, you just do it, you make up your mind…in fact the best way to break a habit is to replace it with another habit.

“There is one thing I would like to bring to your mind that may be of help to you because the reason you are thinking of stopping this is because of what you think it is,” he said.

Using illustration, he said that if Kwaku was in the habit of playing football, he would not be asking how he should stop it.

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He said: “No matter how wrong you think this is in your mind, get this straight, in itself, it is not a sin against God,” emphasising that as a result of this belief that it is a sin, Satan uses it to oppress people of God “making them feel ineffective an inefficient in the things of God.”

He said in Christianity as a religion, this habit has nothing to do with God but a lot to do with the body of the person practising.

“Satan uses his power to accuse you…so if you don’t like it, stop it, but God’s got nothing to do with it. It is your own body.

“Masturbation is about you and your body. God is not offended by it, He is only offended by any habit that takes hold of your mind and if this takes hold of your mind and dominates your body, God is offended.”

As expected of controversies, the video has generated varied opinions with some supporting the controversial preacher’s position on the matter, while others think the Pastor is wrong.

—Eromosele Ebhomele

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