Senator Okonkwo Rallies Igbos To Stand Up For Ojukwu


As the burial schedule of Eze Igbo Gburugburu, and Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Emeka Ojukwu is gradually reaching its climax, a frontline Igbo nationalist and campaigner for South East state parity with other zones, Senator Annie Okonkwo has urged Ndi-Igbo to stand up for Ikemba and break the myth that “Igbo Enwe Eze” (Igbos have no kings). In release through his Media Adviser, Mr. Collins Steve Ugwu, Senator Okonkwo observed that “The elaborate burial plans by the well chosen committee is completely deserved by our Ikemba, the implementation has been smooth and commendable, but now is the time for every Igbo man to add his presence or voice to our hero’s departure.”

He maintained that “as Ikemba Ojukwu goes home to eternal sleep, it must be through the lullaby of our loud songs of praise, as he is received in his journey triumphant above, he must adorn the special epaulet of a people-loved General, and as we settle back to endure this grievous loss, may we show the world that we truly adore our leaders, whose pursuits match our desires, the way only Ikemba did.”

Senator Okonkwo, who is mobilizing and facilitating one thousand traders from Lagos, Aba and Abuja to attend the burial proceedings in Enugu and Nnewi, said, “Solidarity for the late Ikemba by Igbos and Non-Igbos may be a nominal respect for the Igbo race, but the true respect we owe Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu is justice for the Igbos by the Nigerian state.”

Ruminating over the life and times of Ojukwu, the Agunaechemba of Ndi Igbo noted that, “when the issue is about the Igbos and our country Nigeria, Ojukwu was passionately great in candour, exceptionally better in articulation, and when action is the language required, he was the unsurpassed best. Nigeria and Nigerians may miss him in truth or in pretence, but it will be tragic if we miss his nationalist ideals because the consequences are already tormenting us nonetheless.”

Okonkwo rounded off that “Nigeria certainly will be far better in real terms if her leaders emulate the breathing courage in governance that is unique to Ikemba, or if that is too much sacrifice, from them, at least borrow his energetic drama in persuasion to wake us up from the persisting slumber of cynicism and skepticism towards government and governance”.

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