Homosexual Rapes Male Aides


A businessman, Edmond Okoye has allegedly admitted raping his two aides by having sex with them through the anus.

He has therefore signed an undertaking to compensate each aide with N1 million.

The victims, Eji Emmanuel and Ogechukwu Alli petitioned the police at Area ‘E’ Command, Festac, Lagos alleging that their boss, Okoye brought them to Lagos initially to serve him as domestic servants. But he later engaged them in homosexual practices.

In his statement to the police, one of the victims, Eji Emmanuel said he knew Okoye through Ekpechi Chukwudi who brought him to Lagos from the East but they had disagreement when Ekpechi wanted to practice sodomy with him. This made them go their separateways.

Emmanuel said his boss wanted to recruit him as a househelp for his mother in Umuoji in Idemili Local Government Area of Anambra State. He alleged that Okoye tried to have sex with him in the village.

The victim claimed when Okoye brought him back to Lagos, he worked in his shop and they lived together in his house.

He said his boss continued to harass him sexually until he decided to report the matter to the police by writing a petition against his boss.

Similarly in his statement to the police, the second victim, Ogechukwu Alli, 20, said he resided with his master at 41 Road, Festac Town, Lagos.

Ogechukwu said his boss was having sex with him several times before Emmanuel joined them but he accepted his ordeal as his destiny because he was poor and had no family to cater for him in Lagos.

He said whenever his boss had sexual intercourse with him through his anus, he would experience weak erection, that sometimes, his manhood will be ‘dead’.

Ogechukwu claimed his boss used to enter his room at about 3 a.m. to have sexual intercourse with him. He added that when his boss married his wife, he stopped having sex with him for some time but he learnt that he was doing the same to his new aide, Emmaneul.

However, Ogechukwu said he has remained with his boss since he had nowhere to go in Lagos.

The suspect, while responding to the allegations levelled against him, denied having sex with his boys.

Okoye said he had four boys who lived with him in separate rooms.

He claimed that his problem with Emmanuel started when he gave him N12,000 to bring him a househelp from the village and he mismanaged it.

However, Okoye confessed he engaged in sodomy with Onuoha, Emmanuel’s elder brother who brought him to Lagos.

While pleading for forgiveness of his immoral acts, Okoye begged Emmanuel and Ogechukwu with N1 million each as compensation.

A police source told P.M.NEWS that investigation into the matter continues.

—Ayodeji Dedeigbo

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