Evoque Drops Its Top


Is Land Rover really going to build the convertible version of the Evoque that you see here? That all depends on whether the public smile or frown at it when the open-top SUV makes its first official debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week

Land Rover’s design director, Gerry McGovern, is certainly optimistic that an open-top Evoque is a good idea: “The Evoque lends itself beautifully to the idea of a convertible.

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Based on the Evoque Coupe, the topless one features a fully retractable roof system with Roll Over Protection System. The hood is housed in a tapered finisher with the roof mechanism stowed discretely below the belt-line.

The said line and distinctive shape has been retained and the convertible body style has been achieved with minimal changes to weight and torsional rigidity, says LR. There’s also a drop down tailgate and four-seat accommodation. Do you think they should put this convertible into production?

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