My Team Can Beat Gateway In Ogun FA Cup


Omokarhie Godwin, chief coach of Handsworth Football Club of Sango Otta, in this interview with SUNDAY AKINTOYE, speaks on the team’s preparations and chances in this year’s Ogun State FA Cup.

How is your club preparing for Ogun State Challenge Cup?

We have started preparation already. New players have been recruited to fortify the team. We have engaged in series of friendly matches and I am satisfied with the progress of the club.

You are coming to Ogun FA Cup as defending champion; don’t you think it will be difficult to retain the title?

It will be difficult but it is also possible to retain the title. Handsworth FC will be a team to watch. We are doing everything to make sure that we retain the title we won last year.

You are likely to meet Gateway FC in Ogun FA Cup; how are you preparing your team for the encounter?

We are not afraid of any team. For us to retain the cup, we will surely meet Gateway FC . I am confident that my team will beat Gateway in any stage if officiating is fair.

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Can you tell us the friendly matches your team have played so far?

We played series of friendly matches. We defeated Juventus FC of Agege 1-0 recently and massacred Obaluaye FC 4-0 before we humbled Lammy FC of 4-0. I am happy that the players showed commitment in all our friend lies. This is to  tell you that we are ready for the FA Cup in Ogun.

Your team crashed out in the round of 32 in the Federation Cup last year, were you disappointed?

I was highly disappointed because our opponents, Dekina Dragon of Kogi, were not better in the match. We lost the match because my team were over confident. The game ended 3-4 after one goal a piece at regulation time.

Any advice for the players?

The only advice I have for the players is to give their best in Ogun FA Cup so that we can retain the title we won last year and represent Ogun State in this year’s Federation Cup.

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