Shocker! Sanyaolu Suspends Larry FC


The chairman of Larry Football Club of Agege, Olanrewaju Sanyaolu, has suspended his club following the financial crisis facing the defending champions of Oba’s Cup.

Sanyaolu told P.M.Sports that he suspended the club because he does not have financial means to fund the club again.

“I cannot continue to fund the club again because I have spent a lot of money on the club in the past 12 years without any assistance,” said Sanyaolu who has no regret in his decision.

“The money I spent in the National League Amateur II last season affected me so much that I delay some of my personal programmes,”he said.

Sanyaolu said when he told the players about the club’s challenges, some of them felt sad while others burst into tears.

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“It was a hard decision for me. I want to urge my players, coaches and fans to bear with me for now. I plan to bring the club back but if you ask me how soon the club will bounce back, I will say until I get sponsors,” he said.

Larry FC won the Lagos Oba’s Cup three years ago and other high profile competitions in the time past. The club began their campaign in the National Amateur League II last season but failed to gain promotion at the end of the season.

Sanyaolu said he had spent more than a million naira to execute matches, both home and away, in the National Amateur League and paid players and coaches’ allowances including bonuses without any assistance. He said there is nothing wrong in suspending the club for now.

—Sunday Akintoye

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