Why Stakeholders Shun Nigerian Motor Fairs


As this year’s 7th edition of the annual Lagos Motor Fair opens shortly, details are emerging on why auto stakeholders do not want to participate in general auto shows, but want to stage their own solo show.

BKG Exhibitions in partnership with Senexpo of Turkey, organisers of the fair had promised that about 5,000 equipment manufacturers would converge at the fair, but stakeholders have not seem too enthusiastic.

Speaking authoritatively, a stakeholder, who craves anonymity, confirmed that many of the companies that had participated in past auto fairs had expected a lot of serious fair visitors with trade inquires and (perhaps) cheque books at their stands. But did that come?

“We have not been impressed with the fairs for years. It’s been a massive failure. No sales, poor turn out of visitors and fat bills.”

Even with the last Abuja auto show? He summarized the level of interest by customers last year thus: “Lukewarm”, not too much, not too little. In terms of sales, it was not satisfactory”.

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Mr Jeremiah Udoh, a former sales executive expressed fear that the fair is fast losing its desired result. “The organisers of these fairs should be fair enough to admit their failure. It’s turning into a wild goose chase.

“I remember that this same fair was cancelled for two consecutive years due to inactivity; has the activity grown now? With what we saw in Abuja last year, definitely, it’s not yet uhuru.

“The question remains, why has Stallion Motors and CFAO gone solo? The organisers have failed the entire auto industry. Your first disappointment with them is allocation of space; secondly, lack of publicity.

They think that when a firm pays for allotted space, they can pull a stunt and visitors would pop up. It’s very shameful and that’s why people are running away from their fairs,” Udoh lamented.

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