Protest In Kano Over Killing Of Motorcyclist


An irate mob lit bonfires and marched through Kano to protest the alleged shooting to death of a motorcyclist on Sunday by troops deployed to counter Boko Haram Islamists.

Mustapha Sani, 25, was shot in the head and chest by soldiers at a checkpoint outside a bus terminus, witnesses said.

Around 100 protesters took over the Silver Jubilee roundabout in the centre of the northern city and marched through the streets, burning tyres and pelting soldiers with stones, an AFP reporter saw.

They called for the dismantling of military checkpoints in the city.

The soldiers made no attempt to stop the protesters.

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“This lawlessness is getting out of hand, we are tired of soldiers and policemen killing and molesting innocent residents they are deployed to protect,” a protester who gave his name as Haruna said.

“We live between the fear of Boko Haram attack and military and police bullets, it is unbearable,” said Laminu Zakari, another protester.

The soldiers manning the checkpoints drove off in two military vans to avoid clashes.

Residents have complained of harassment and extortion by security personnel at checkpoints that dot the city following the January 20 coordinated Boko Haram bomb and gun attacks that killed 185 people.

Military authorities in Kano were not available for comment as the spokesman of the special military unit in the city did not respond to inquiries by reporters.

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