Olympic Boxing: Okorodudu: Don’t Expect Medals From Nigerian Boxers


Nigerian boxer to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, USA, Jeremiah Okorodudu, has dismissed the country’s medals chances in the boxing event of the 2012 London Olympic Games.


When asked if Nigerian boxers stand a chance to win medals in London, Okorodudu said: “I don’t think our boxers stand any chance of winning medals in London Olympics because there is nothing on ground to show that the nation is ready to win anything at the Olympics.


“I can still remember that before we went for the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, we competed in many major competitions, where we were able to assess our likely opponents at the Olympics. But what Nigeria has at present is the reverse situation and that cannot really give the nation any medal. ”


The pugilist, popularly called “Jerry Boy” in his active days, added: “ Our country is lagging behind in preparation for the Games. While countries like United States and Italy, which often produce the best boxers at the Olympics, are at present putting finishing touches to their preparations for the Olympics, Nigeria is just starting now.


“Any serious nation hoping to win medals at the Olympics must have commenced preparation for its athletes two years ago.


“The athletes must have also been exposed to series of competitions outside their countries so that they can be in top form for the Games. In the course of this, they will garner more experience, which I believe will be handy for them at the Olympics.”


Okorodudu, however, admitted that Nigerian boxers have the potentials to win medals in London if they had been given adequate preparation.


He said: “For Nigeria to win any medal in London, it is going to be a miracle because what is on ground does not tally with our aspiration.”


Nigeria’s best performance in boxing at the Olympics was the silver medals’ feat achieved by Izonritei and Igbineghu at the Barcelona ’92 Olympics in Spain.


—Bamidele Olowosagba

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