ACN Salutes S/West Govts On Regional Integration


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has lauded the South Western governors and people on their effort to forge a South West regional integration for the purpose of enhancing the development of their people.


The party says the approach is a welcome development that will fast track the progress as well as the cohesion of the people of South West and the Nigerian nation.


In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said by the approach, the Southwest governors are showing the way on how best Nigeria’s multifarious entities can make government more useful and more meaningful to the generality of the people of their region.


It urges the governors, the governments and the people to remain consistent and ensure the benefits of such integration seeps down to every South Westerner in the foreseeable future.

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“We want to applaud the single mindedness with which the Southwest governments have been pursuing this integration of their people into one whole developmental belt and we feel this is what Nigeria needs badly at present to meld together the disparate energies obtainable in each region and channel such towards a coordinated development of each region. We want to salute this initiative given the multiplier effect it stands to imbue on the region and the harmonized development it will bring to the entire South West.


“Lagos ACN feels that when regions organize themselves in such manner, several developmental challenges stand to be better tackled and mutually beneficial projects are embarked on with greater dividends for the people of such region. We believe that such an initiative stand to cushion the weaker members and states in such region and tap on the commonwealth to tackle challenges that arise in such region. We believe also that the South West initiative stands to forge common unity and understanding among the constituent states and eliminate barriers that stand between the various people in the South West.”


“Lagos ACN wants to recommend this regional integration option to other regions in Nigeria so that we would have stronger sense of unity and commitment in the respective regions. We have no doubt that this will ultimately strengthen the unity and cohesiveness of the country. We want other regions to eliminate the barriers of division that stand between their people and start coalescing their strength together for the purpose of fast tracking a common development of their regions and also forging common visions, goals and aspiration for their people, as the South West regional integration is doing presently.”

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