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Apocryphal allegations by the Lagos State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, that the administration of Governor Babatunde Fashola has stopped working, is to say the least, misogynistic, vitriolic and a futile attempt at misrepresenting the facts.

I say “futile attempt” because the facts are available in Lagos State for anyone who cares to check.

The facts, journalists tell us, are sacred while comments, they contend, are free. Anyone can rant about anything or ramble about anyone or political party, but when the facts are beguiling, when they are twisted, leaving them uncorrected is detestable.

The PDP Chairman in Lagos State, Mr. Setonji Koshoedo, in a recent outburst deliberately wished to rubbish the monumental and numerous achievements of the Fashola administration in the state.

While we believe that under the country’s constitution, Koshoedo is entitled to freedom of expression, it saddens us that politicians can descend so low just to score some cheap political gains.

I and others in our party do not have time to repeat the falsehoods he concocted, but we would like Koshoedo to tell Lagosians where Governor Fashola or the Action Congress of Nigeria, has stopped working.

Is it in the area of infrastructure development such as construction of roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, drainage systems and so on?

Is it in the area of job creation and youths empowerment? Is it even in the provision of basic services such as affordable healthcare or transportation which are the hallmark of this administration? Or is it in the positive change of habits among Lagosians?

Anyone who does a fair and thorough analysis will come to the same conclusion: Lagos State is getting transformed by the day.

Governor Fashola is not a saint but he is a man of exceptional political sagacity and a brilliant initiator of great ideas for the ultimate social transformation of the Centre of Excellence. And that is a fact that the PDP may be too blind to see or too dumb to acknowledge.

When Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban, left office in 2007, he had initiated a developmental template for Lagos which facilitated an aggressive implementation by Governor Fashola. The implementation has continued unabated ever since.

I understand that no matter what our party accomplishes in Lagos, the open enemies of progress will never see anything good in them. And that is greatly unfortunate.

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The whole world could easily see the palpable physical projects carried out during the first term of Governor Fashola. Eko Micro-Finance Initiative and jobs creation, Lagos State Mortgage Scheme, hospitable and clean environment programmes, market development, physical planning and slum upgrading,construction and dredging of channels cum canals, improved transport system, road constructions across all the Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas, flood control, waste management, enhanced security to mention but few are the arrays of physical projects the Lagos State government under the leadership of Governor Fashola has been able to achieve.

the elections of 2011, the amiable governor, as we know him, never stopped working to better the lots of Lagosians. He is of the opinion that complacency is a negative virtue for any serious-minded or result oriented leader.

Since he resumed his second term last year, he has continued in his historic obligations to the good people of Lagos State.

Koshoedo cannot pretend to be blind to the ongoing road constructions such as Akerele, Adelabu, Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Isheri –Osun Bridge, Ago Palace Way, Okota, among others.

May be he is not aware that the BRT, the Lagos Metro Train, will soon start full operation in order to boost the transport system in Lagos.

All these achievements clearly show thatGovernor Fashola is not resting on his laurels.

Now that the PDP has failed woefully in bringing Governor Fashola into their fold, they should then allow His Excellency to concentrate on his lined-up developmental programmes for the economic advancement of Lagos State.

I agree with what an ACN stalwart in Lagos said recently: “Lagosians did not give Governor Fashola almost two million votes for nothing. It is a reward for hard work and service delivery. Quality goods they say sell itself anywhere in the world”

Indeed, these true-blue words are appropriate enough to box the enemies of good governance and exceptional service delivery who are domiciled under the PDP shattered and badly battered umbrella into political oblivion.

True be told. Governor Fashola is working and will never stop working.


•Shanana is the President, Congress For South West Youth. He wrote this from Lagos. Email: [email protected] 08023413466 

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