Baseball: Unity Hitters Begin Training


The Unity Hitters of Abuja have started training in the Abuja Baseball Park, which was used for baseball events at the 2003 All Africa Games held in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The coach of the team, Sanni Musa, said it is the intention of the teams in Abuja to begin an intensive use of the park, which has one of the most standard pitches in Africa.

Musa stated that the Unity Hitters will be joined by Nyanyan Hitters next Saturday morning to begin another level of training, particularly for the Championships coming up in Minna and Ibadan.

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The Ibadan tourney, tagged the U-16 Fast Pitch Softball Championship, is slated to hold from 4 to 10 June.

Meanwhile, Nigeria-born US-based baseball professional, Wande Olabisi, has indicated his interest to visit Nigeria this December.

In a letter written to the Secretary General of the Nigeria Baseball Federation a few days ago, Olabisi renewed his interest in getting an American-based organisation to develop baseball in the country.

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