Olympics: 150 Heads Of Govt, 40,000 Journalists For London Games


The British Government says 150 Heads of government and 40,000 journalists are expected at the opening ceremony of the July 2012 London Olympic and Paralympics Games.

It said in order to assist journalists track down stories during and after the games, a Media Centre would be established within the city.

The government said more than 24,000 media organisations had been accredited, while 20,000 were waiting for the process.

It added that 10.8 million tickets had already been sold for the games in spite of the estimated 4 billion global television audiences.

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On security, it said nearly 475 million pounds had been expended on policing and wider safety and security.

“Although up to 600 million pounds is available for this if needed, this amount covers the activity that police and other safety and security agencies will have to deliver for the Games.”

It said that 14,000 athletes were also expected from 205 nations.

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