Why Are TV Female Journalists Unmarried? —Simon Ateba

Simon Ateba

Simon Ateba: the writer

Simon Ateba

When I was still very close to television girls – girls who file stories on television, cast news or anchor programmes – they used to tell me stories that made me understand why most of them end up unmarried, divorced or in abusive relationships.

Girls in the media used to tell me, quite boastfully, that a cornucopia of men, single or married, swarm around them like bees, only because they appear on television.

“They like to be around us, they boast as their friends watch us on TV, we make them feel famous and important,” one pretty female journalist with a symmetric face but a nagging spirit used to tell me.

And so, as female journalists are sent to cover events, or show up at public places where they are, most times, easily recognised, they come face to face with accomplished but generally married men.

They date a few of them and befriend many others. Their standard gets higher and their mindset gets fixated.

Often, they don’t end up marrying those accomplished and famous men because those men are already married. They may just end up dating the men and moving their solitary way.

They end up with ordinary guys and begin to expect so much from them like the rich men they had dated in the past. Generally, the TV girls compare the ordinary men to the rich men they meet on the beat, the mighty men of valour.

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They begin to disrespect the husbands or the boyfriends who may still be trying to make ends meet.

They do this in their actions and words. Needless to say, not long after, the relationship is over. And even when they remain officially married, their husbands feel so unloved and disrespected that their husbands may begin to date ordinary girls who treat him like kings while the famous wives or girlfriends on television treat him like rags.

Well, we all know the rest. The wife or girlfriend begins to tell friends and enemies how bad the husband or boyfriend was, how he lacked confidence and could not handle a famous girl, how he womanised and so on. They begin to tell lies to justify the breakup or divorce.

The bottom line is, as you are reading these words, such girls are either getting older, lonely, divorced or in very abusive relationships as some begin to date those big men outside their matrimonial homes and husbands begin to give them hell inside the home as they shamelessly flaunt their shameless relationships every night.


•Ateba is a Senior Correspondent with P.M.NEWS. Email: [email protected] Phone: 08060782856

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