AMAA is Nigeria’s Best Export To The World —Experts


The Chief Executive Officer of Hot Shot, a data-based marketing communication and a subsidiary of Troyka Group, Mr. Dayo Adefila, has described Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) platform as one of the country’s best export to the rest of the world.

He stated this at, where the article to announce AMAA’s 2012 edition was published.

The former management staff of Insight Grey Communication, who is now in charge of Hot Shot, said: “AMAA is undoubtedly one of the Nigeria’s best exports to the rest of the world, proving year after year that something great can be initiated and sustained by committed and visionary people.”

He, however, said that AMAA needs to act like a true modern brand.

“The events are top notch, don’t get me wrong, but how does the brand really get into the consciousness of its target audience? If AMAA defines its core target audience as Corporate Nigeria, then it needs to understand that Corporate Nigeria follows consumer excitement and commitment.

“It needs to create a three-month engagement and co-creation driven activity for the avid movie watcher in Lagos, Kaduna, Conakry, Accra, Kenya, and Jo’burg. This is when brands will see more reason to spread their marketing communication budgets to AMAA.

“Get a big idea and integrate all media touch points, including digital media in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and other African countries. That will get the attention of more brands.”

Also assessing the platform, Kenneth Eze, Brand Journalist and Communication analyst with Marketing Mix, said: “The organisers of the AMAA have to keep focused and steer clear of scandals, particularly issues involving standards of judgments or winners.

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“They must strive to meet global standard by using world famous judges and clear parameters to arrive at winners. Winning points can be made clear so as to avoid the grumbling of losers casting any shadow on the awards.

Eze said the easiest way to market the AMAA is to be creative and avoid being seen as copying existing shows from other parts of the world.

He added that the the organisers must segment the world market properly and address the audience with suitable marketing communication ideas, messages and materials that can help them penetrate by touching on the audience sensitively and meaningfully.

“Being transparent with sponsors will also boost marketing efforts. Extra efforts should be made to drive value for each sponsor, with sponsors given the leeway to maximise their sponsorship deals independently,” he said

Head of Business Development & Brand Management of AMAA, Naomi Lucas, while stating what the property brings to the corporate world and brands, said: “Since its inception in 2005, AMAA has become a force to be reckoned with in the African film industry. The brand provides the most transparent and internationally recognised reward system that celebrates the best in African cinema. This has endeared it to the African and global film community.

“We offer our partners beyond the one day live broadcast of the awards, AMAA has become a year long schedule of activities spanning various countries in Africa and the Diaspora. So brands can be identified with a very viable touch point film, and reach their target via AMAA’s experiential engagements.”

Highlighting the key leveraging points of the property, Lucas said “AMAA has 3 key events that must happen every year: Screening, Nominations and the awards. Alongside these milestones are other events-Nominations pre & after parties, AMAA pre& after parties, AMAA Roadshows to various film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Durban, Fespaco, AFRIFF etc), Africa Cinema Business Roundtable, and Film Premier Parties where AMAA winning films are shown across Nigeria and other African countries.

—Henry Ojelu

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