Police Advise Banks To Check Security Guards


The Lagos State Police Command has advised managers of the various banks to double check their security personnel and ensure that only those with the requisite knowledge about security were employed.

Mr. Joseph Jaiyeoba, the spokesman for the command gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Thursday.

He said banks that engaged people “with no atomic understanding of securing any place or thing“ ran the risk of having their premises easily breached.

The spokesman said that by using men or women with some military or paramilitary experience to secure properties of bank customers, theft would be checkmated adequately.

“There have been frequent complaints by bank customers of losing their property kept in some bank’s entrance lockers.

“It is sad to note that customers who go to the bank to transact business are dispossessed of their valuables there.

“The existence of such a crime around bank premises show the quality of security personnel they employ.

“And we can curtail this crime if reliable security personnel are employed and engaged by bank managers to secure people’s valuables,“ Jaiyeoba noted.

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The spokesman urged every bank manager to apply “strict“ screening of those they employ as security men with the support of the police.

“It is necessary for us to provide a Security Clearance Paper to anyone seeking to work as a security man or woman in any bank,“ he said.

Jaiyeoba also said that bank managers should endeavour to double check those who stood as guarantors to their would-be security personnel.

“Everything necessary to check internally induced crimes within bank premises is not too much.

“In fact, carrying out adequate documentation of every bank’s security personnel will help checkmate the committal of crimes from within,“ he said.

Jaiyeoba also urged bank staff with their security personnel to be at alert always and question “persons loitering around“ their premises.

He said the less the crime committed within the confines of any bank, the better for its image and “for its customer satisfaction“.

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