Ex-Gov Sylva Dismisses Alaibe's Report


Former Governor of Bayelsa State, Timipre Sylva, has dismissed the committee report headed by Mr. Ndutimi Alaibe that there were grand financial crimes committed by his government as not only phoney but spurious.

In a statement issued by Doifie Ola, Sylva’s media aide, the former governor dismissed the allegations as “unfounded, and a failed attempt to divert attention from the calamitous political parodies committed in Bayelsa State by these accusers”.

The former governor also dismissed the report as coming from a “kangaroo committee and it is as ridiculous as it is not surprising to any Nigerian. The composition did not belie its intent as another mock team impulsively set up to deliver a pre-determined judgement.”

He said the report was a continued battle with the ghost of Sylva by those who have installed a puppet administration in Bayelsa State and have once again demonstrated their loss of touch with the essence of government and their choice of shadow boxing as state policy.

He said government is an administrative structure set up to govern human beings with needs.

He said any normal investigation of government expenditure would try to demonstrate how the financial laws were flouted.

Sylva alleged that Alaibe committee did not attempt to do this, adding that It simply compiled the incomes that accrued to Bayelsa State within a carefully selected period targeted to smear Sylva, and assumed that there were no needs met in the period.

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The former governor further said Alaibe report did not demonstrate any flouting of the state’s financial laws and regulations.

“If anyone had proof of such contravention, they knew where to go. And where to go is not an illegal committee unknown to the laws of Bayelsa State and Nigeria.

“Besides, the allegations thrown up by the power usurpers in Bayelsa State are too weighty to be handled by people with vested political interests in the state and whose track record and history smell of corruption,” he added.

Sylva said the report by the Alaibe committee is at best biased, petty, and heavily tainted and another manifestation of the constant distress in the camp of those who recently usurped power in Bayelsa State as they lived in perpetual fear of Sylva, and guilt of the harsh judgement of democratic humanity.

He warned that as the state nears “a judicial resolution of the manifest political travesty in Bayelsa State, those who believe they should do nothing other than fight the ghost of Sylva should learn to mitigate their desperation, at least, for the decency of what remains of our democracy that they have tried so hard to compromise.”

By Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt