Wrestlemania: Lesnar Returns In Chicago

Lesnar (right) during a WWE bout

•Lesnar (right) during a WWE bout

Brock Lesnar has returned to WWE, and he now has a scheduled match to prove it. Lesnar is set to wrestle John Cena on 29 April at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view in Chicago.

•Lesnar (right) during a WWE bout

Mike Johnson first reported the news on PWInsider.com, and the news was later confirmed on Monday Night’s Raw.

Lesnar made the first appearance of his highly anticipated WWE return during last week’s Raw, and that appearance set the stage for this match.

John Cena was paying his respects to The Rock and asked him to come out. Instead, it was Lesnar who came out.

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Showing the kind of anticipation that Lesnar’s return carries, the crowd instantly went nuts. Lesnar promptly made his way to the ring, took Cena’s hand and hit him with an F5.

Lesnar just stood there with a menacing look while Cena writhed in pain, and so the stage was set for a match that will now undoubtedly be the headliner of Extreme Rules.

Lesnar was already a big draw before he left WWE to join the UFC. He appears to be an even bigger draw now, after his short run on the MMA stage proved he is truly one of the baddest dudes on the planet.

It will be great to see how WWE handles this match. Will they have Cena lose his second straight high-profile contest, or will they have Lesnar start off his return with a setback?

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