Bomb Scare In Kaduna


Business activities were temporarily brought to a halt at Jama’a Road in Kaduna on Wednesday, when residents mistook a polythene bag placed beside an electric pole for a concealed explosive device.

The development caused panic among the residents, as traders and shops operators hurriedly closed their premises, while motorists abandoned the area to avoid been trapped in another explosion.

“The bag, which was dropped near a pole by the roadside in the area, was later discovered to contain waste,” an eyewitness said.

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The eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that residents, who noticed the bag concluded that it might contain another explosive planted by terrorists.

“The police were alerted and they cordoned-off the area, but later realised that it contained house-hold disposables,” the eyewitness said.

The witness also said that there was a mild drama, when the police came as none of the officers was ready to approach the object.