Stop Playing Dirty Politics With Nigerians, Lagos ACN Tells PDP


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has lambasted the PDP for its dirty politics that culminated in its instigating a false security report on Osun State.

The party decries a situation where the PDP, in its desperation, continues to subject state institutions to insidious manipulation for the satiation of its selfish interests.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that the PDP knows no decency once its bestial interests beckon and says the party has completely destroyed every worthwhile institution in Nigeria in its quest for unlimited power to loot and plunder the country.

It warns the PDP that it will reap the whirlwind of its mischievous acts if it persists in its dangerous acts, such as the one that culminated in its employment of the Department of State Security to author a fictitious report that has no basis so as to further whatever remains of the PDP interests in the Southwest.

“The report that claims that Governor Aregbesola wants to Islamisze Osun State is stupid, idiotic and specious and flows from the same dead thinking that has almost crippled the country in thirteen harrowing years of PDP’s perilous rule. For a party whose members and high echelon has been summarily implicated in the Boko Haram uprising, MEND armed confrontation, introduction and sustenance of kidnapping, political assassination, electoral roguery to now start crying wolf on such a nonsensical and baseless allegation, tells the level this cabal can go to muscle through their selfish interests. It shows the hollow thinking that abound in PDP, which is reflected in the way and manner they have plundered and ran a well endowed country aground in these regrettable thirteen years.

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“A student of Nigerian politics and a casual observer knows that the PDP is a party that is ridden with mischief and such other quaint tactics once it sets its eyes on any selfish interest. Given the desperation to wake its dead horse in Osun and indeed the Southwest, we are not surprised at its latest tactics. We are not surprised that a party that owes its strength to stolen electoral results is authoring an outlandish and specious report with the party hopes it will help it steal back power in the Southwest. We are not surprised that such childish approach is receiving the blessings of the rank and file of the PDP who work under the impression that Nigerians are perpetual fools that will tolerate the many nauseous frauds the PDP has brought to deface democracy in Nigeria these past thirteen years.”

“We understand why the PDP should author this tendentious report. It is scared of the frankness and no-holds-barred mien of Governor Aregbesola and sees him and indeed the ACN as potent threats to their dream of everlasting rule to complete the ruination of Nigeria, which has been at a frenzy since their unfortunate coming in 1999.

PDP and its outposts like the DSS are already plotting dirty for 2015 when they have hardly justified one year in their thirteen years evil rule. The pawns and soulless marionettes they employ as foot soldiers in the Southwest have impressed it on them that it is such spurious reports that can stop Aregbesola and the ACN and we should expect more of these in the coming days.

The party added: “We are not surprised that the Directorate of State Security allows the PDP the use of its office for such puerile political hogwash and in a land where what should pass as important state departments conduct their businesses as annexes of the PDP, we are not surprised that the DSS is lending itself to the present plots of the rain-soaked political urchins that people the Southwest PDP and its vain hope that it would be allowed again to steal itself back to power in the Southwest. The history of the chicanery that the PDP was in the Southwest is still fresh in our memory as to agree for these Lilliput’s and their masters to take Nigerians for another gravy ride.

“We warn the PDP not to provoke Nigerians, presently enduring its misrule, into actions that will lead to the collapse of this democracy. We warn the PDP and its agents, like the DSS to quit thinking Nigerians owe them anything by agreeing to stutter along with the many acts of illegalities it has employed to compromise and indeed deface this dysfunctional democracy. We warn that any attempt made to further dare freedom loving Nigerians to a necessary fight would be well resisted. We warn a repeat of the Osun tactics will never be allowed be allowed as Nigerians know far more than the PDP thinks of them.”