Baby Raped In Lagos Nursery, Police Arrest Proprietor


Detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, are currently trying to arrest the culprit behind the alleged raping of a 20-month old pupil of a school at Egbeda, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

The proprietor of the school has been arrested in connection with the incident.

A doctor’s report confirming penetration of the girl’s private part has been submitted to the police by parents of the pupil to aid their investigation.

A close examination of the girl’s private part, as shown in a picture taken by the parents, revealed blood in it, suggesting that she must have been violated. But what is not clear is who actually carried out the dastardly act.

According to the parents of the victim, the girl was violated inside the school before the close of work on 16 February, 2012.

According to the victim’s mother, “I took my child to the school that fateful day and at the close of school, I went there to pick her but I noticed that she was walking awkwardly. I drew her Aunty’s (teacher) attention to this and she assured me that there was nothing wrong. My little girl was constantly pointing to her vagina. So, I lifted up her uniform and discovered that her pant had been removed. I also examined her vagina and discovered blood there.

“When I demanded explanation, her teacher told me that she also observed blood coming out of her vagina and that she removed her pant and washed it. I learnt that they took my child to the school nurse who, after a close examination, explained that the child must have contracted a disease in the toilet and that there was nothing to worry about.

“The matter was reported to the school proprietor, Mr. Uzoigwe and his wife, Mrs. Uzoigwe who also attributed the child’s condition to an infection from the toilet.

“I was shocked by this discovery and I phoned my husband, a naval personnel. On his arrival, we took the girl to Estate Clinic where she was examined by a doctor who confirmed that the girl had been violated. He referred us to the General Hospital, Igando. There, the doctor who examined her also confirmed that the girl had been violated. He advised us to go for AIDS test.

“After these confirmations we reported the matter to the police at Mosalasi and the proprietor and his wife were arrested. Also arrested were the class teacher, head teacher, cleaner and the gateman. They were asked to write a statement on what they knew about the incident. They were released on the second day after being granted bail.”

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After investigation by policemen at Mosalasi Station, the matter was transferred to the SCID, Panti where the accused persons were also made to say all they knew about the incident.

A police source at the SCID revealed that the police had forwarded the case file of the incident to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice.

Attempt by PM.N.EWS to confirm this at the DPP’s office at Alausa was unsuccessful as an official there refused to confirm whether or not they had received the case file.

When contacted on phone, the wife of the proprietor of the school, Mrs. Uzoigwe denied that the girl was raped in the school.

“God forbid. None of my staff raped any girl. The matter is now with the police at the SCID. If you want any information, you can contact the SCID. I have made a statement to the police and that is all I can say for the time being. If you want any information, contact the police. Everything you want to know about the matter is with them,” she told P.M.NEWS.

A doctor at the Estate Clinic, Egbeda, who examined the little girl, confirmed that he saw blood in her private part when he examined her, adding that he had forwarded his report to the SCID for further investigation.

The general investigating officer at the SCID, Panti, described the situation as pathetic.

He assured that the police will get to the root of the matter.

—Dedeigbo Ayodeji