Fuel Subsidy Report: UAD Rallies Nigerians Against Government


The United Action for Democracy (UAD) this morning took to the streets to warn the Federal Government against sweeping the fuel subsidy probe report which indicted some top government officials under the carpet.

Members of the civil society group, who defied threats by security agencies against holding any rally today, later converged on Allen Junction Ikeja, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, where they sensitized members of the public on why they want the government to implement the report.

In a leaflet the group gave out to people, it said among other things, it called the immediate publication of the reports of the power sector, fuel subsidy, petroleum sector and pension probes and the implementation of the reports.

It also called for the prosecution and punishment of those implicated and indicted as well as the resignation or sack of the supervising ministers including those of Finance, Petroleum, Power and Information for their roles in the issues.

“We call on Nigerians to be ready to fully resist any further hike in fuel prices and in electricity tariffs whenever such is announced,” it said.

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The UAD disclosed that the Federal Government is planning to increase electricity tariff by more than 80 per cent from June and that there are still plans by the government to hike the cost of fuel in what it called the government’s plan for total deregulation of the downstream sector of the petroleum industry.

The group had Sunday evening announced that security agents had picked up its National Convener, Ayodeji Ajayeoba, popularly known as Jaye Gaskia, and detained him.

A statement by Abdul Mahmud of the Public Interest Lawyers League, described the action of the government as crude and a throwback to the dark years of military rule.

“All men and women of conscience must call on and demand the government to either charge Jaye Gaskia to court for an offence or offences known to our criminal laws or release him forthwith,” the group said.

—Eromosele Ebhomele