NGO Chief Condemns Suspension From ICPC


The national president of a Lagos-based Non-Governmental Organisation,Crisis Control Foundation and National Anti-corruption Coalition of Independent Corrupt Practices and Related Offences Commission (ICPC), Dr Ezeatakwulu Osakwe, has condemned his suspension by the commission over allegation of him using his office for fraudulent activities.

Speaking with Crime Watch in Lagos, Dr Osakwe, said: “I reject my suspension and de-registration by ICPC,” adding; “Couples of years ago, we became a member of National Anti-corruption Coalition of ICPC, and there is no basis to suspend our organisation.

“We have been above board in all our dealings and we have never indulged in any criminal activities. When two parties are invoived in a written agreement, one party cannot act with impunity against the other without due process and the rule of law. They also claimed that our offices were under lock and keys.

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“How can an institution that ICPC always communicates with through specific addresses become incommunicado and its leader declared wanted with impunity and total disrespect to the rule of law and due process?” he asked.

A lawyer to crisis Control Foundation, Mrs O.R. Dikeocha of Gem Partners, in a letter dated 17 April, 2012 and sent to ICPC, said the article published on page 11 of the Punch newspaper of 13 April, 2012, with the caption: “ICPC Declares Ex-Anti Corruption Agent Wanted”, which in its entirety is false and carelessly made, suggests the following imputations on our clients: that our client is a criminal and fraudulent, that our client know that he was been sought after by the ICPC and was evading arrest, and that our client is now at large.”

It is our instruction, therefore, to demand from you, a retraction of the said defamatory statement and an unreserved apology both of which must be forwarded to this office and published in three national dailies.We also have our client’s instruction to demand from you damages in the sum of N2billion for the said publication.

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