5 More Bouts For Mayweather


Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he plans to fight at least five more times before he eventually retires by the time he’s 38-years-old.

Mayweather said “Of course, I want to give you guys more than just a few more fights. Five more if I can, Manny Pacquiao has done a lot for the sport, but he should also be standing behind me to clean up the sport.”

Maweather said he can’t fight more than twice a year for some reasons, and that explains why he sees himself fighting only five more times.

However, these things no doubt could change in the future if he’s still fighting at a high level or if he continues to blow money at an alarming rate in gambling. You would have to guess that unless Mayweather is able to keep up his income lifestyle, the gambling could be a problem in his cash flow one of these days once he would no longer be making the big money he’s making after he’s retired from the sport.

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Pacquiao likely won’t be fighting too much longer either, so it’s kind of silly to see him as a fighter that is cleaning up the rear. Both fighters are fighting quality opposition after going over each others leftovers, if for no other reason that there isn’t enough high visibility opposition for them to fight.

Mayweather faces WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto on 5 May, and he’s already been stomped by Pacquiao three years ago in a 12th round TKO loss.

Bradley hasn’t lost to anyone as of yet, but he’s never faced anyone in the Pacquiao class or even approaching it. Both fights will be tough, but there’s no reason to see why Mayweather and Pacquiao won’t continue winning and moving along their different career paths.