Glo Takes Ghana By Storm, Launches Network


It was the dawn of a new era in Ghana’s telecommunication industry on Sunday as Glo Mobile Ghana formally announced the commencement of commercial services in the country.

At a special press conference held in Accra to announce the launch, Glo pledged to address the yawning gap in telecommunications services in the country by offering world-class innovative products and services, which will improve the way the people of Ghana live and work.

Already, about one million, five hundred subscribers have reserved their lines on the Glo network, which has capacity to handle over 10 million lines. With the launch, people can start redeeming their reserved numbers.

Glo Mobile Ghana is kicking off its services with an amazing product called ‘Good Day Ghana’ which enables all Glo subscribers to enjoy mouth-watering offerings such as Free Unconditional 20Gp airtime daily for 100 days; Free Calls From Midnight to 5:00am; Bonus on In-coming Calls; Up to 100% Bonus on Recharges; and Sweet Number which enables subscribers to call one special person at 2Gp per minute.

George Andah, Chief Operating Officer of Glo Mobile Ghana, said the company has rolled out the most modern telecommunications network and is introducing into the market abundant, superior and attractive value offerings in all the ten regions of the country from day one, a feat that other telecom operators in the country could not achieve.

Glo Mobile is rolling out services on the Number Code 023 and can be experienced in every major town in Ghana.

“From the day we won the license, we promised Ghanaians that we would replicate our success stories in the West African region as market-leaders in innovation, consumer loyalty reward and excellent service delivery. We are proud that we have kept that promise today,” Andah stated.

He declared that, like its parent company, Globacom, Glo Mobile Ghana will be guided by its core values, which include value for money, transparency, world class service offerings and a never-say-die attitude.

Andah also assured Ghanaians that the network would replicate the success story of Globacom in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, where, despite being late entrant into the markets, the company continues to lead in innovation and quality service delivery.

Glo operations in Ghana will receive a major boost from the Glo 1 international submarine cable, which landed in Accra in September 2009. The facility has opened up a whole vista of unprecedented opportunities for businesses, government institutions and individuals and will usher in a new era of prosperity by giving people much better access to more affordable broadband.

Andah noted that Glo had already demonstrated its passion for the country by sponsoring events and national assets that promote national unity, literary excellence, peace, tranquillity and the happiness of the Ghanaian people. Such sponsorships include the Ghana national football teams and the Glo Ghana Premier League.

The company also hosted An Evening with Nobel Laureate Prof Wole Soyinka & Ghanaian Literary Icons and has brought the prestigious Glo CAF Awards to Ghana three times.

Andah explained that even though the company faced daunting challenges in the past years, some of which were beyond its control, it was motivated by the physical and emotional encouragement of Ghanaians from the ordinary man on the street to captains of industry and top government officials.

“Now, we are ready to provide Ghana with the most-modern and reliable telecommunications services that you have not only been yearning for, but which you truly deserve. We remain as committed as ever to our vision to build the biggest and best telecommunication network in Africa,” Andah said.